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for the Pale Moon Browser

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Last accessed on 16 Apr 2022

Add-on Page https://www.edu-net.net/RehostImage/

Add-on Author RandomEngy

Add-on Author URL https://github.com/RandomEngy/RehostImage

Pale Moon Version Owner JoeyG

Latest version - 1.5.26
Updated 23 May 2022

Change Log 1.5.26 - changed maxVersion back to to 31.0*

Change Log 1.5.25 (17 Apr 2022) - changed maxVersion to 29.0*

Change Log 1.5.24 (17 Apr 2022) - changed min- / maxVersions (28.0* / 30.0*)

Change Log 1.5.23 (17 Apr 2022) - removed support for Basilisk

Change Log 1.5.22 (16 Apr 2022) - changed maxVersion to 31.0*

Rehost Image overview

Rehost Image Pale Moon Add-on can 
  • easily upload pictures to alternate hosting. Supports FTP, Imgur, ImageShack, Pomf, Dropfile, ImgSafe, and Biyori
  • add a right-click option for images
    -> Clicking "Rehost Image and Copy to Clipboard" will upload the image to alternate hosting, then copy the URL of the uploaded image to your clipboard.
  • automatically resize images before uploading
  • provide optional URL shortening with goo.gl
  • check the image type and fix the extension if needed
  • support setting up multiple upload locations
  • optionally keep a log of all uploaded images

Rehost Image Screenshots

Context Menu

Upload Hosting Options for FTP

Upload Settings Options for FTP

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